Hayward WI.

I heard a rumor that Hayward has good ice , anybody know about this??

Hayward ice

I talked to a friend today who lives and snowmobiles in Hayward and he said he doubted any lake in the area was sailable.
Too much snow and the snowmobiles had run the lake a lot when it was slushy so the ice is very rough under the snow.
Not a definitive report but he spends time on the lake so I trust his judgement.

Hayward ice

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Hayward ice

Submitted by m-80-12 on February 6, 2008 - 21:24.

Last sunday i sailed on lake Pokegama,just west of Minong,WI.
Amazingly,the ice was fairly smooth and clear of snow.
i checked it today;there is less than 2 inches of dry snow and no real drifts.
this is the best ice i have found in this area.
the public landing is at the south end, off hwy.77
i plan to sail there again this weekend,unless it snows more or better ice is found.
hope to see you there, nick

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ice @ Hayward

What Lake near Hayward ? ?
I live 25 minutes from there , I'll can check for ice.
Tks, Er

I'm not sure where you are

I'm not sure where you are but I would be interested in Grindstone, Lac Court Oreilles, or Shell in Sawyer county, Big Sand in Burnett, And Big Round in Polk. These lakes are big enough to check out for future regattas. The are not to far to travel to for a weekend race if conditions there are good.
The ice was very rough but sailable on the north east side of the cities this last weekend. I would be suprized if any of these Wisconsin lakes are any better than White Bear or Bald Eagle, especially after this last inch of snow.

Got ice ?

I live in Rice Lake. All the ponds around here have a nice coating of snow ....way too much to consider sailing. I can't imagine that those lakes near Hayward are not covered w/ snow.

the closest thing to sailabe ice that I saw was the ponds between Chisago City and Center city. On Fri , they were almost clear w/ a fair amount of bumps and humps from the melted down snow.


Rice Lake

Where is Rice Lake? How far is that from Mendota, Lake Jstgvnr, Lake Minnetonka, and Lac Leman - I mean Lake Geneva? How do I get there?