There is Ice, Lake Wawasee, Indiania - Grade 8.5

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Monday, Wawasee is now a 8.5 we sailed all day Saturday and found only 1 ridge ,not even in the race area. Sunday was just a little too cold and windy but really hardened up the ice. We'll see what mother nature throws at us this week and hope any snow stays away! Rick Lemberg DN4155

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Lake wawasee,syracuse,In.

Its now lake wawasnowee,we recieved 3to4'' of light powder snow but hoping forcast for lots of wind holds true,the wind should clean off the lake ,the ice was smooth . I'll update thurs night on ice conditions. DN4155


Don't suppose there's a webcam pointed at the lake is there?

No webcam,just me and thats

No webcam,just me and thats scary!


I've been known to walk out on thin ice, alone, without so much as a second opinion... which can cause some anxious moments.

A live webcam looking at great ice is one of the highest forms of Internet porn.

Western Regionals this weekend? Keep Checking!

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Re: 2008 Western Regional Regatta - February 16 & 17th
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Reports are coming in that Lake Wawasee (Syracuse, Indiana) has suitable ice and maybe a possibility for the Western Regional Regatta this coming weekend (Feb 16&17). There is a chance of Snow on Wednesday and Rain/Snow on Friday. Please continue to check the regatta hotline for updates. The Hotline # is 414 297-9238. Every attempt will be made to get this regatta in as soon as sailable ice and favorable conditons are found.

Checking the hotline at 0930 local this morning, WaWoosie (sp) :) is the primary site, there is snow forecast, sharpen runners and look forward to a regatta call.

Western regionals site?

Acc. to the hotline, this is now the primary site for Western Regionals, Feb. 16 and 17.

No official call is made as of Tuesday, Feb 12.

snowing now...

forecast less than an inch of new snow... Regatta is certainly plausible...

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