Gideon's Bay Course is being sailed Right Now!

Two DN's; US 5369, Ensign 1525 in his DN and some Niteesque Craft are currently sailing the 1.0 mile oval on Gideon Bay... The track is wide enough for two boats abreast, and comfortable passing.

In today's breeze with a thin coating of dense snow the lap speeds were running about 2:15 per lap... the straits fast enough for some runner flying, but the narrow 40' course doesn't allow much turn downs in the puffs, rather sheet control is the way to keep the runners under the sail.

Ice Sailing is happening, a short video will be posted later, along hopefully with 5369's observations, he was sporting a big smile!

Look forward to the most compelling icesailing ever, taking place next weekend on White Bear Lake... on a 1/2 mile by 100 foot wide track! You will be amazed!

This is anytime sailing!

Wind was SE at 10-12MPH. Drive right to the pits with a warm car. Set up in 15 minutes and sail a 1 mile track. Only left turns, 1 tack and 1 gybe and stay on the track! One straight was a cracked off 5-10 inches and the back stretch was sheeted in firm. Mast was popped 70% of time. Speed varied from 20-40MPH! Many sheet adjustments,not much room for any spin outs! Confidence builds with each lap. I must have sailed 50 laps. Fun to fly the windward runner. As in big lake sailing, speed and momentum are critical. New challenge to set up for the sweeping turns and tacking or gybing. No room for passing on the curves with the narrow 40 foot course. No problem on the straights. Consensus was the slower boats stay to inside or left and pass only on the right. Need winds in 8-20 range to be fun. Could be dangerous in more than 20.
Felt like it was NASCAR. The Ice Maker really has something here. I would encourage all DN's to give it a spin. Track will only get faster with the warmer weather coming. Don't miss the inaugural event next weekend at White Bear, but try out the 2 courses on Gideon's Bay. I drove out from the ramp between Portable Dredging and Shorewood Yacht Club. No fear in driving with 30 inches of solid ice.
DN 5369
3 short videos coming

Mike Miller

Dangerous in 20+

Then you migrate to the other course with "saner beating and reaching angles" it remains pretty sane. On Clear Ice we model changing the orintation of the marks to maintain some modicum of sanity. With a cleared track that's one reason why we see the need for two.