Local ice...whatcha' got?

I kited Calhoun last night (Tuesday 3/25). 1-2" of snow remain over 20-24" of ice. FYI, there is much less snow in town vis a vis out west where they got 10+ inches last weekend. A few more circles of the zamboni and this will be a plausible place to sail come this weekend. And there is wind in the forecast.

How is WBL and other nearby lakes looking?


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for you guys "Up North",

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You’re missing great boating on Chequamegon Bay on Lake Superior
Cold at night with thick ice.
Several more weeks before iceout.

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Calhoun, Friday 3/28

I walked Calhoun this AM, there is 1/4"-1/2" of snow left, there is hard and pockmarked ice underneath, no shelf ice. It is pretty smooth overall since no one ever drives on it and it has not been fished for a while. Somme kiters were out again last night.

It is sailable now and after today's 45 degrees it should be better, perhaps even getting dark.

In any case it sounds like the party is on 'tonka. This might be the last of the season. Gonna be warm so be there early.


minnetonka ice cond

walked lake thurs night, 1" of snow, seems good underneath, no shell ice, didn't see any cracks and looks good out from cottage wood but only walked out a ways, so start with caution. will check fri pm, assume that 1" or all will be mostly melted away as quite sunny now, am. should be firm ice early sat am with none or little snow. plenty of wind, maybe too much by pm. bring an old mast. haha.

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Local ice....

Sailed my lake (east of Hackensack, MN) Mar 20-22. Very rough
and had to dodge some drifts. Then came 1" of sloppy snow,
which of course froze into 3/4" of crust. So, up here it ain't
good - hoping for warm weather to reduce the top layer some.
Drilled a hole today - still 28" of good ice, so spring isn't
too close yet. I STILL look forward to a good weekend on
Walker bay of Leech lake .....some year.

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Whut open water ??

Whut open water ??

last chance, sat, 3/29

markham is probably coming up. yes, looks like wind. snow melted enough? get started early sat am. launch in cottage wood at harrys.

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Friday update, Tonka at 8 AM

Walked the lake this AM.

1" of very hard, crusty snow. Lots of snowmobile/car tracks. Hard to tell what's under the snow, but seemed sailable if the snow softens up.

I'm in for racing if it's happening.


not so crusty anymore

At noon, I walked the same stretch as this morning. The crust was soft and seemed sailable.