March 29th and 30th, Lake Minnetonka

9 DN's, one Nite, and a half-dozen kites sailed the main lake from Cottagewood.

The ice from sunrise to noon was among the best I've sailed this year. There were no hazards, just a few car tracks that were of no consequence. It softened up a bit at 2pm and we quit around 4pm. We did some scub racing and superfast cruising. Wind was great, 12-16 mph early building to 15-25.

It was grins all around - warm sunny, windy, good ice, you could ask for little more. Four people took their first ride in a DN too.

8 boats remain on the ice and we will sail Sunday AM. Forecast is for 10 mph wind and 30 degrees tonight.

Pass the country store to your right and drive to the water.



News Flash

A new DNer on OtterTail Lake reports they got no snow, and conditions are very good, Lows in teens / low twenties, highs low 40's, he suspects there's 3' of ice

Photos and a detailed ice report will be posted this afternoon!

Carpe DN!

Spring Ice

Sorry I missed sailing this week end. I bet it was a nice day on the ice. I just couldn't stay away from the walleye. JD US4691

JD US4691

Newest DN memeber

Here is Billy Foster chillin' in Adam's DN

Billy Foster part 1

Billy Foster part 2