IceMaker's Road Report: Sat. 11/22, 10:00am

Kiefer-san just called with the following updates:

  • He's on the road to Christina with boats and some other sailors after stopping by Swede.
  • A group is setting up boats at Swede Lake where there were varying thicknesses measured.
  • Buffalo Lake is 80% frozen, and looks like a good possibility for the Great Western Challenge in two weeks.

Hopefully we will have an update on the conditions at Christina soon.

It appears the NA iceboating season is starting!


Geoff S.



Ohhhhhhh GeoffS.-kun

Does not the humble bearer of a service so scarce and worthy as ice knowledge merit the title of sensei?

So it is in the way I came to know...

ice checkers
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... you'd prefer "Mark-san"? ;-)

12 DN's from MSP sailed

12 DN's from MSP sailed Chirstina Sunday, 11/22-23 after aborting our efforts at Swede Lake on Saturday.

Swede was 2 inches. 12 boats showed but no one sailed.

Kiefer and I continued north to Christina mile marker 8 and sailed perfect ice all by our lonesome. Ice is 5" thick, very smooth 9/10, 60% drifted with 1/8"-1/4" loose snow. This was far better than anything I sailed last season. Wind was 10-17 mph and the ice fast and smooth. There was one hazard we found: A soft patch I went over yesterday had opened up today.

ChristinaSunday brought 10 more boats but less wind.

It will be dry up there all this week with the highs just breaking freezing. I imagine most of the thin drifts will evaporate by next weekend. I plan to go back next Sat/Sun as it is a sure thing and the Hwy 10 steakhouse makes a mean sirloin. We'll see what develops locally in the meantime.

Pelican Lake had 3-4" ice and ice fisherman on it. Might be fun to set up at the Ashby resort and sail that.

Last I saw of Kiefer he was parked by the coot and was taking off his clothes...

US 5366

Christina report

Just spoke with the Icemaker at 12:30 Saturday. He reports Christina is thicker than expected at 6"+. No waterfowl reported. Minimal snow.

Looks like the winner of the day is Mark and Adam who made the drive and are sailing as of this moment. I expect they'll file a report this evening.

There were a dozen people at Swede. As for Sunday? TBD.


Christina is rated as a 9.

Just in from Mark: 15 gusting to 20 - 2 miles across - no flaw found yet that can't be sailed across full out.

"Sailing will continue until the necks can take it no more".

"Heidi Fleiss has never been able to make a guy smile as much as Christina did today."