Swede Lake, November 25 update

KA-1 reports on Tuesday 11/25 that Swede is still locked in. He drilled out to 200 yards from the launch site and found 3-4", no snow on it. He plans to sail it on Wednesday AM with at least one other DN and will report back.

As of noon Wed. 11/26, Mike and John have sailed the northern half of the lake. They report 3-4" over most of the lake. No holes. So far so good...

Swede Lake, Nov. 26, 2008

UPDATE #2 (Wed. evening)
5369 reports...
"I stopped by Swede at 2:30PM or so and both KA1 and KA2 were zipping around the lake.I took John's for a few laps and moved out great.

Covered the entire lake except for the NW corner where the small island is. I recall some weak spots in that vicinity, so stayed away. Ice is 3-4 inches and the only wet spot is right in front of the landing where Mike parked his trailer!
I would rate it a 9!
Smooth black and grey ice with a few pebble spots. No snow cover at all. The sun is so low in the sky that it did not soften the ice at all. No known hazards.

The Aussies left the boats parked and intend to get a Turkey morning sail in and maybe late afternoon also. Wind forecast to build from sunrise to 15-20MPH with chance of snow flurries.
I plan to sail some in morning - Mike".

I too will be there circa 9 am Thursday.


Thanksgiving Sailing

6 DN's are currently set up on Swede Lake, two are now sailing... one retired due to the first mast failure (5369) of the season... the plan is to sail a little bit in the morning and because of the small size, some are heading to Christina in the morning to sail Friday/Saturday, and check Buffalo on Sunday...

Minnesota Ice Sailors have much to be thankful for today... abundant ice, and the promise of a great season being high on that list.


More broken boats

Swede was fun today. But the lake got small fast with the 20+ knot boomers that came thru. I eventually sheared all the #8 screws on one side of the plank and retired at 1 pm.

Sunday up north looks booming.


swede lake...which one ??

I'm wondering which Swede lake ??? east of Walker? NW of Grand Marais? by Pine River? Hackensack? Minnetrista? Paul


Just west of St. Bonifacius

Just west of St. Bonifacius

Boats rigging now (Wed AM, 11/26)


Swede Lake - Encouraging News!

Thanks to KA-1 for the report... looking forward to learning more today.