Week 2 Outlook, The Answer is Sailing, The question is Where?

ahh christinaThere seems to be great interest in Ice Sailing this coming weekend, in preparation for the Great Western Challenge.

Swede Lake, Watertown MN was extensively checked on Saturday 11/22 and found to be a bit thin in most assessments.

Since then the average temperature has been almost 32 F, as of this posting, with chilly icemaking temperatures currently hardening up the ice, and forecast average temperature from now to Friday is about 27 F,

This lake will require a careful assessment as I'm not seeing much in terms of icemaking conditions, This is not on the Scale for Ice Growth: Wojtek Kuznicki's Ice and its sailability... http://www.idniyra.org/articles/ice_sailability.htm ... there might be more ice there, somebody will have to find out.

Buffalo Lake Buffalo, MN, as of Monday afternoon 11/24 the lake was reported 75-80% frozen by US 5369. I doubt it will prove to be suitable by Friday...

Up North:

Lake Christina, Ashby, MN was sailed over the weekend and it was sweet. Temperatures are cooler than in the Metro area, I'd expect to see another inch on Christina and the same growth for Pelican just south of there... Ice fishermen are out on Pelican and the north bay is believed to be promising.

Lake Darling, Alexandria, the webcam at Arrowwood Resort shows the lake is frozen... no other information exists.

Got Ice?


The Answer is... Swede Thursday, and $0.02

Swede Lake Tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day Many sailors are sneaking out either early or late or both... two boats are set up...

I expect sailing will continue there Friday...

At some point over the weekend Buffalo Lake must be sailed extensively, properly checked... or we're going North for the Great Western Challenge.

- walk on ice
- sail on ice
- race on ice


10 plus lakes under ice watch right now...

Among them are:

Christina, Ashby, MN Grade 9 Sailed, mind the ditches...
Swede, Walked 11/25, 3-4 inches reported
Buffalo, Reported substantially frozen 11/23 fully frozen 11/25
Minnewaska, Glenwood, MN reported fully frozen 11/25
Big Pine, Perham, MN Reported Fully frozen 11/21 (also Little Pine)
Dead Lake, Dent, MN Reported Fully Frozen 11/21
Lake Darling, Alexandria, MN, Frozen, freeze date unknown
North Long Lake, Brainerd/Baxter, Suspect it froze about 11/23 no information.
Flag Island, Northwest Angle, just north of Roseau, MN as far North as you can stick a US Flag in the lower 48, unless we start talking about taking Canada back.

plenty of open water is still in inventory, we'll have fresh freezes next week also...

still no real threat of snow...

ice is nice

Buffalo Lake, Buffalo

An Ice Fisherman reported Thursday 11/27 12:20 pm

"Well I went out for a while on Buffalo. I figured I'd try for some gills but got none. I had 3.5 inches of ice. I left early cause it was really windy. I don't like fishing first ice when windy especially when warm. You get these little rivers of water the wind pushes and with flow and warm it starts to melt pretty quick. Anyway I started to get some rivers flowing by so I called it a day. Tomorrow is gonna be windy and warm again so I may have to wait until saturday to get out there. Hopefully this warm and wind won't wreck it."


North Long Lake, Brainerd

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:30 pm

Post subject: Re: Any reports on safe ice? Swede?Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:30 pm
From the LAKAWA website

"...We had plenty of thickness for kiting & ice sailing on North Long Lake last Saturday.
Hope we get more days of ice before the snow covers it up. Freakskates ROCK!!!"

While DN's were sailing on Christina last weekend the "Stand-Up Guys" were out on North Long Lake, with no hazards remarked.

Ottertail Area sailing today

Dave S. reports 5 plus inches on Long Lake, just north of Ottertail Lake, (near Dead Lake) MN, and he's planning on sailing it today.

Fresh Frozen Buffalo...

US 5369 Reports from Buffalo...

" I walked 25 feet on to Buffalo at 6PM Tuesday(today). Chopped a hole and measured 2-3 inches of ice. Spoke to a local guy who confirmed that it looked more frozen than Monday AM but there are a number of good size open spots and likely some with just a skim coat. I would rate it as not sailable on Wed or Thurs."

Currently 19 F in Buffalo, going to be in the low 20's for the next 3 nights... chance of snow tomorrow.

I think Thursday morning I might go see what Buffalo looks like... as the lake is proven regatta grade in terms of everything but Ice Suitability, and it is currently the closest potential Great Western Challenge Regatta site for 'the fleet', and if looks "close" we will examine further. Any Interest?

Other ice checkers are advised we've often had some hazards on Buffalo identified, I expect we'll find them this year again, US 5432 do you remember about where that flaw was that you found?

Of note:
- There is an inbound current threat on the East Shore, causing those pesky late freeze areas, I suspect.
- The Deep spot (33 ft) near mid lake, east side, is an area near where we've had hazards emerge in the past, (usually the really rough ice is here).

Go north

I am planning a second date with Christina if only because it is a sure thing, and who doesn't like easy woman?

The exact days will depend on what the other lady in my life says. Probably Fri-Sat. The forecast look excellent: wind and favorable temps.