Swede Lake Nov 27 (Week 2)

Six DNs and 5 kites/freeskates/boards etc. were on Swede Lake this Thursday... on a solid 3 to 4 inches, as reported by Team Vegemite, er the Aussies. I understand they use Vegemite to lube up their runner chocks.

As of this morning 0530 Nov. 28, the Average Temperature for the last 24 hours at Buffalo Airport was 32.64 F it's uncertain how much ice was lost yesterday on Swede, see standing water in photos.

Swede Lake 11/27 1

Swede Lake 11/27 02

Swede Lake 11/27 03

Did I mention it was windy?

Friday, Swede Lake

A dozen DNs sailed in dying breeze, got in a couple nice races, and like is sometimes the case, we did a lot of standing around on the ice.

Boats are set up and if there's wind sailing will continue there.

Swede on Friday

Stop reading all this crap and get out there before sun and temps warm up the ice. Wind is west at 10MPH Should be good til noon. Some boats are already on the ice.
Maybe Buffalo on Sunday!