Minnewaska, Nov 30, 2008

Minnewaska, Nov 30, 2008Lake Minnewaska, Glenwood Minnesota was sailed today by 7 DN'ers. Launched right next to the Big Ballrom, bar and restaurant right in town. Sand beach and parking lot. Able to back right on to ice from this city park. Ice was 4-5 inches every where Adam drilled. A couple of pressure ridges 2-5 inches high about 1/2 mile from shore running East/West. Able to slowly ride over with a little water visable at the crack. The ride out downwind in 5-6 MPH of wind was slow, trying to glide thru many 3/4inch hard drifts. Once past the pressure ridge it was much improved with 1/2 inch hard drifts covering 30% of the ice. The rest was black hard ice. Wind built to 15MPH. Set a 1.5 mile course and were ripping. No obstacles out on course.No damage done. A few bumpy spots but no hazzards noted, except the ones above.
As a novice, I would rate it a 7 in wind and a 6 in lighter air, but rely on the rated sailors like Doctor for their rating. I posted a photo in library images, but don't have skills to move it here!

101 years of ice boat racing on Minnewaska

From the Glenwood Herald, November 29, 1907

Our local sportsmen are arranging for iceboat races and other contests for Thanksgiving day. Eight or ten ice boats will take part in the races. It is understood that prizes will be offered for fancy skating, long distance skating, broad jump on skates and for winners in various other contests. We have been informed that a committee will be put in charge of the arrangements and that the event will be a notable one. No admission fees will be charged, everything will be free, at least we think so. Come everybody and have an enjoyable time.

The ice boat and skating races yesterday brought out the largest crowd that has been on the lake for several years. All of the events came off as scheduled. The ice boat race lost some of its interest as Kaldahl's boat was disabled just before the race was started. The liberal prizes offered by the Glenwood business men made the races worth while. Every contest was well filled and all of the contestants made their best efforts to win. Below is a list of the events and prizes awarded for each race.

Class A Ice Boat Race – 1st prize, Stevens pistol with holster, worth $10. Second prize, box Don Renato cigars, worth $5.