White Bear Conditions?

Some Nite sailors from southern Wisconsin are looking for Twin City ice to sail this weekend (6th/7th) Does anyone have information on White Bear or Bald Eagle for that matter?

Bald Eagle update

Just spoke with Bill Reed, He set up his Nite and sailed most of the southern half of the lake with another sailor. 75% clear ice with soft 2 inch drifts. 2 areas of open water on either side of the island. Best place to set up is at Bill's house on the west side. 1/4 mile north of County Road H2.

swede lake in watertown is

swede lake in watertown is small, but has good ice....Knight, DN, Icesurfer, kite and Skeeter all sailing yesterday.

Go Icesurf!

Go Icesurf! Snazzy!

Conditions on Bald Eagle

If you don't want to go to Osakis there is a group of local Nite sailors that will probably be racing on Bald Eagle this weekend. I believe the lake and racing area is going to be surveyed around noon today by hovercraft. I'll update this post when I hear the results.

There is still some

There is still some significant open water on White Bear today. Some bays may be sailable but the ice quality is marginal.

bring your party to Osakis!

plenty of room on the ice...