Minnesota week 4

So, do we have boatable ice near town or can I take a break for week 4?

Main Lake Minnetonka?



Green Lake at Spicer is possible

The Ice Maker thinks Green lake at Spicer may be sailable.
I do not have a contact there to call. Maybe somebody does!

Possibilities - The weekend is Saturday Only, Blizzard Sunday...

NWS is talking about a big low pressure system running over Minnesota on Sunday... it's a Saturday Only forecast... "Travel may become trecherous Sunday and Sunday Night..."

sunday forecast

Green in Spicer is big, really big, imagine Carl Sagan describing how big the universe is...ok not quite that big, but it's big. They have a town right there, with restaurants right there where we'd launch.

It is suspect!

We've solicited an ice/snow cover report... might be a little thin, Froze last Saturday Night, but it's been really chilly there (avg ~ 14 deg F.) hence little snow cover? Local fishing reports suggest people of questionable sanity are driving atv's all over the lake...

Ed N reports Pepin at the Pickle Factory has 3 inches of snow on 3-5 inches of ice, they may set up the big boats but plan on not sailing.

Me, I'm going to find a lake we can plow a short course on, as there's a little format development work needed before the Big Winter Carnival "Cage Races". Run out areas, Turning Radius, Track Width Standards need to be developed :)

Lake Phalen currently has (as of 3pm date of this post) an excellent sheet of black ice with 2-4 inches of moderately soft snow, with deeper drifts, I suspect we'll find 6-8 inches there, and as soon as it's drivable, think I'll set up and start managing the course we propose to race at these Winter Carnival Races/Exhibition.

We're hopeful that we'll be able to craft a format that both educates and inspires what will become a television audience, that is they really dig ice racing. Any interest?

BTW I heard the kids in Toledo tried a 50 lap race last year... like to get their download.

Carpe DN

Green Lake ice

Green was 3/4 open (again) last sat 12/7. Diamond lake (between Atwater and Green lake) goes 8 inches and Norway is supposed to be 8 inches as well. Norway lake is nw a bit of Spicer. 5050


Paul, Thanks for the update,


Thanks for the update, keep them coming.

Could you get your own sail number please? 5050 is my number. The number doesn't stay with the boat when you bought the boat from me, like in many other classes.

Thanks, I appreciate it.


DN 5050

DN 5050

where to get those numbers...

IDNIYRA Class Membership Application on the website...
Dues 25 bucks a year, always a bargain.

Number Assignment 10 bucks, but like any meaningful scar will last you a lifetime.


Green Lake Ice

We've got almost 7 full days with Average Temperatures of ~ 14 F...


Green may have 3-5 inches on it... if the snow isn't too high it may be worth checking out.

How much snow is on Diamond and / or Norway?

Green ,Diamond and Norway lakes

Mels Sport shop, near the largest boat launch in Spicer,says 2 inches to 6 inches on that side of the lake as of yesterday. Diamond lake (launch on the west side at the county park ) has 8 inches ice...spots on the east side were open a week ago but the western half should be ok. Norway also is supposed to have 8 inches of ice. All have 1 to 2 inch drifts with bare ice poking through. Didn't know about my needing a different sail number....gathered from Mels, and a couple friends who live on these lakes.


and Melvin's for Snacks... Sail up...

From the Summer Menu; "A generous portion of fresh mussels that have been steamed in a bath of Rum and Coconut milk. $9.95" be still my heart... http://www.melvinsonthelake.com/

A scant 84 miles from Tonka Bay...

Week four could be awesomely amazing...

There are exactly 8 Saturdays between now and the DN Worlds... it would be a shame to let great ice go to waste now, as some holidays and storms are sure to interfere.