The Zamboni? Ice?

Winona Dec 26

Fifty degrees, Drizzle

Changes snow fo Shizzle

Sail today we maybe Skizzle.


I just took a walk on Tonka out of Excelsior, one more good Zamboni day and we may have something.
Currently its very rough (from snow machines and such), 50% frozen drifts 2"-3" thick.

Small lakes sailable?

I just read these postings on the LAKAWA kiting site.

"Sadly yesterday (Friday 26th) was drizzly and temps hit 40. As a result the snow is all gone. What's left of it, is clear jamba juice smoothie, ice chunks and fish houses. It was really sad (( Anyway, don't bother going to Calhoun unless another foot of snow builds up."

"I was just out at swede lake this morning and its the same thing there. About 80-90% ice, its all gone it was pretty decent conditions before yesterday."

I'd say, Want to plow a...

Want to plow a track?

In light of the forecast thru about saturday, that seems a little pointless...just until it quits snowing...

Today marks the 16th day this month with snow

"Today marks the 16th day this month with snow
Today's snowfall -- as much as 5 inches in the Twin Cities..."

Getting up into Top Ten Ranges... there have been record December Snowfalls already in several places in MN.


Bad in WI, too...

Here in Madison, we're on track to receive our average winter snowfall (45") before the end of the year. December also set the record for most snow in December, and most snow in any month (ever!) with 38.7".

The Zamboni last Saturday did melt quite a bit of the snow, but so far we haven't found a lake that's sailable. There is hope for both Kegonsa and Monona, though.