Checked three lake this morning

Whaletail 4-5" snow ice,1/2"snow on top Swede 3-4" blackice,1/4"snow on top Buffalo 1-2"blackice no snow not safe

too windy on sunday..

but the ice was still good.

All the ice surfers, and kiters were out.

ice surfers on swede lake, minnesota

On saturday afternoon we had some good rips up and down the lake. There were four dn's out in the afternoon, and a couple more were out in the morning.

The fun ride (with the smooth ice) was one of those crooked courses.. port upwind all the way, tack and start falling off for the starboard jibe, at the bottom jib onto port and start back up wind. The exact opposite of what you normally do when racing.

swede lake

Some dn sailors will be on swede lake on 11/28/03 at 10:00 nw of st. bonifacis. If you need dir. i will post when i get home. to much turkey.

dir to swede

hwy. 7 to st.bonti to 10 N till you see lake first right to the public access