Pelican lake

The word is that Pelican Lake is still frozen. At this point we don't have a report on the ice thickness. If anyone is close an ice check could result in some sailing.

Pelican Lake, 11/28

The north bay, Launch site Ashby Resort, remains frozen ... the area has recieved just over an inch of snow (25mm) in the past week, concurent with very windy conditions, there are some snow patches apparent. At inspection the lake had been recently covered with what a "dusting" of snow, making the lake appear white.

Given our local temperatures over the past week, I expect 6+ inches of ice to be consistent on this bay. This small bay provides approximately a .9 mile course.

Given the press of time, and conflicts, no detailed inspection was conducted.

There were perhaps 20 fish houses set up in the narrows between the north bay and the main lake... 2 patches of open water/or recently frozen ice appear on the main lake, primarly on the east side of the lake. I would not sail the main body alone, or without a thorough inspection.

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Brainerd Lakes Ice Report

As of Thanksgiving morning:
North Long lake by highway 371 there is 3" of ice out for at least 200 yards with ice skaters on it.

Gull Lake - lots of open water, not sure about any of the bays.

Pelican and Round lake are completely covered with ice and it is reported by my source that at least 3" of ice on the lake with ice skaters. No reports of any ice boat sightings.

These are second hand reports from my brother who lives in Pequot Lakes...and wants to get his iceboat out soon!! Anyone else who has updated reports...please post.


where's ol 4695?

he's our man of the Pelican Lake area, but he hasn't logged in for a week.

calling 4695, where are you? ice report needed?