Lake St.Croix

The ice on the St. Croix is awesome! There is virtually no fish traffic to rut it up due to the lack of public access. Just miles of 18+ inch thick grade 8 ice. You can set up at the Lake St. Croix public beach. Park in the lot and haul your boat about 25 yards accross the beach to the ice. My friend Kent has had his DN set up at St. Mary's Point (about 1/4mile south of the beach) for a few days now and sailed today. I set up my Nite at St. Mary's Point tonight and hope to sail till the next snow. The Croix is a real gem for iceboating when the conditions are right (which they are now!) Come and join us for some good times! -Craig Young. 651-261-3196

Croix still boatable

Got in 20 miles yesterday the 24th. About 2" of snow didn't seem to make much difference.:)

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good wind

Did 20 miles today and even in the snow got 45mph. Starting to drift. Praying for Zaboni.

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Trace of snow

South of Stillwater only recieved a trace of snow last night. Bit windy for me today, but tomorrow.....

Take st croix trail/cty18, south 3 miles to 20th, take a left, goes straight to the beach.

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St. Croix Lake race-able?

Is the ice on St. Croix Lake in race-able condition? Looking for a location for the Nite National this coming weekend, the 21st, 22nd of Feb.

IMO Yes. The original

IMO Yes. The original poster and I have been talking about
at least scrub racing. There too is an estimated 3 miles of ice north/south and 3/4 of a mile east/west. He landed, by plane, on at least 15 lakes last sat and said it is the best ice of any.


I do suggest that the organizers of the race check it out as I have never raced and am not certain what race ice should be like.

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Nice Ice

Craig Young Hudson, WI. There is a really nice sheet about 2 miles south of the Hudson bridge along the WI shoreline. Perfect for a regatta. I sailed my Nite this evening and my friend was in his DN. We stopped and chatted for awhile and commented how we needed to get more boats out here because the conditions are so good!

Craig Young Hudson, WI

just drove across the bridge

We just drove across the bridge at hudson and saw the Nite out ripping around. It looks great! (watch out for the open water)

I'll be out by three today

I'll be out by three today in my DN. Hope to see others.
Best ice is on the WS side. Stay away from Hudson and Afton!Where the river gets narrow,anywhere, the river opens up!
The large lake however is wonderful and very little if any has been cut by DN runners, and now a couple of Nites. Met a new DNeron Sat too who launched at StCroix Beach.

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