Sailing This weekend on Minnetonka Feb. 21-22

Providing it doesn't snow muuch tonight. WE aren't suppose to get much snow and there will be wind both days. What is the plan for the weekend sailing?
It would be great if we could all be on the same part of the lake. Maybe have some fun scrub racing.
Mike Miller is out sailing today and will give us the latest ice report.

Anyone have some kids that would like to try the opti DN? Maybe JD could be talked into bringing his two opti DN.'s. if enough kids woud express an interest in sailing one this weekend. They are really cool and it would be great if we could get a fleet of them started here. I'm looking into building one together with my five year old.

Anyway let's come up with a plan for sailing so we aren't all on different parts of the Lake.

ps.... pray for no snow. :)

DN 5050

Snowfall amounts

Local snowfall amounts as of 8 am Sat per NOAA include:
Minnetonka 6.3
St Cloud 4.2
Waconia 3.6
Red Wing 3.3
Willmar 2.4
Western Wisconsin 1 inch or less

No DN's sailing Minnetonka due to snowfall as far as we could see. There was a Skeeter named Drifter ripping all over. Clocked him at 50-55MPH from snowmobile! He had plumes flying most of time but plank cleared the snow.Did see one Slicer making headway and many kites having fun in 18MPH.
Need to wait for thaw and rain on Tonka.


How far north did the snow fall???

It was suppose to be more snow south of the cities. Any chance Buffalo, Fergus, Brainerd areas still have sailable ice? or anywhere else in the state?

DN 5050

DN 5050

I measured 4 inches on Minnetonka too.

Since my boat is set up at Allen's, I plan to check it out around noon.
The wind out of NW is perfect at 15-20. The plume of snow rising behind and over the boat would be interesting. I have never sailed in 4 inches of fluffy snow. Has anyone? Or is it dangerous.
On second thought, after walking West Arm, looks more like 5 inches and starting to drift some. Maybe Harry will fire up the stern steerer.

final snow depth?

We got 4 inches here at Whitebear.

1-2 inches coming!

I was out from 1-4 PM. Set up at Harry Allens. His address is 20595 Park Pl in Deephaven. Mapquest it if needed. There are also a number of lake access roads, one in St Louis Bay, Excelsior and one in Carsons. There is also a well used road by Windward Marine in the NW corner of main lake, Browns Bay. Cars and trucks were driving all over the lake on 2 feet of ice. Next to Harry's house is a fire lane with parking for 10-15 cars. It is a short carry to lake. There are about 10 DN's parked there now.
I was alone from 1-2 and covered the entire main lake from Wayzata-Sailors World in Smith Bay to Excelsior. No open spots or pressure ridges at all! It was a bit bumpy in spots, and with 10-13 MPH was fine. At 2 PM Meyer, Dave and Kennedy joined me. Did a few scrub races in middle of lake until snow and visibility made it difficult. Wind also dropped below 10.
Wind tomorrow is expected to be anywhere from 10-20 out of NW. I expect we may have a good crowd if all we get is 1-2 inches. See what happens in morning, but the ice is fine!


The sky is falling. :(

Anyone own a snowplow????

DN 5050

DN 5050