Western Regionals "Its gonna happen this weekend..."

Western Regional Regatta Thread...


Its gonna happen this weekend. The question is where. WIsconsin sites known:

--Lake Geneva is good, and the ISAs are called on there. We could go to the east end at Linn road. The shore will be suspect, and trailers on, cars off is likely to be the state Saturday.

--Geoff reports Mendota is good but a bit rough. Cars off, trailers on, $5 per day lake access fees, bring cash.

--Based on a drive-by, Kegonza looks great. Need better report!

--Green Lake good ice under a few inches of crunchy snow. Zamboni scheduled Thursday. Need update!

--Bob Cu. reports the south end of Winnebago is a go,

The center of gravity of the committee, sailed ice, and participants points to Madison or Geneva. FInal call Thursday evening. Post comments and ice reports, please!

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Ken Smith

Lake Pepin

Just spoke w/ the nice folks at the Pickle Factory in Pepin Wisconsin. They have iceboats set up in front of the resteraunt. They said there is 22" of ice all the way across the lake in Pepin, There is about 2" of slushy snow, that should be gone by the end of the day today, w/ the 40+ degree temps. There is 8" of ice over by Maiden Rock Wisc. by the channel they said. Channel Five TV just did some news special on the lake and were checking ice depth measurements.
It could very sailable by the weekend. I haven't personally seen the ice, hopefully somebody has some time to check into it further... Ed Newcomb? or any of the Pepin area sailors have time to look into this for us further???

DN 5050

DN 5050

WI? Bring yer foulies...

It's an interesting forecast...

And looking at the emerging storm system, I'm glad I'm not making a regatta call.

Depending on the thaw over the next 48 hours, we may have local ice emerge, based on snow cover, and highs, I'm curious about Pepin. Think that might be the first to become sailable.

Its sure to be warmer on Calhoun than say Minnetonka, it may deserve consideration as a local sailing lake as we melt snow today & tomorrow.

With near 60 degrees forecast for today, and little rain in the forecast over the weekend, Okoboji and lakes in that general direction may be great too.


I will keep you posted on Calhoun in the coming days

I drive by it 2x a day.

I am up for Pepin/Tonka/WBL in any case.

Time to get to work on my angles....