sail 12/5 & 6 christina?

any ice report on it? JD says he is sailing christina sat. if he doesn't go swimming, i'll go up sun. anyone else? meyer.

bay of peilcan

we have used this area in the past when christina was'nt quite thick enough, so i think it is earlier. sat, maybe, sun for sure enough ice.

ya xxxxx

Lake Christina

My husband Greg will be passing by Christina sometime Sat 12/05 around noon I expect. He has been given emphatic instructions to check it out, report by phone and I'll post ASAP.

ICE !!!

The North Bay of Pelican Lake near Ashby and reportedly Lake Christina froze overnight!

We now have ICE !!!

Carpe DN


Some ice

11 AM Fri. Just spoke to the Ashby Resort. The north part of Pelican did indeed freeze last night with a low of 11F. The main lake still wide open!
It is still windy of about 10MPH out of the west. He has not looked at Christina, but assumes it may have froze. He would't even dare to try walking out to see the depth of ice for a least a week! I would prefer to wait until Sunday AM to give iceboating a try, but if 3-4 inches is known elsewhere, I would like to go both days. Keep in touch. I also have a phone number of a friends aunt who lives on Dead Lake, but no answer on Fri. I will try her later in day.
Mike 612-868-2949

some ice

Christina has less water in it, at one meter of depth profoundly shallower than the North Bay of Pelican, and she always freezes a bit sooner. It's not necessary for the guys at the resort to drive the half mile needed to see that, they knew it.

Dead was reported to have kicked a couple days earlier, there may indeed be over 2 inches on Christina on Saturday, we won't know until somebody takes a day, and tears up a hundred bucks in travel costs just to find out.

Currently about 3 Degrees F in Fargo!

Count me as "maybe" for Sunday...



I am planning on going & checking the ice! Who else is in?? I'll check with Loomer.

I'm in for Sunday

Maybe Saturday too, but I like meyer's plan...