Ice Report: Buffalo Lake, Buffalo, MN

Buffalo Lake is substantially frozen as of sunrise this morning!

As it wss 3 degrees at Milepost 8 this morning, the ice checkers there may find suitable sailing ice. Certainly Sailing Sunday.

The way this sailor sees it, we're shaping up for a fantastic weekend in Buffalo for the Great Western Challenge.

Drive by view of Buffalo

Sunday at 9 AM, Buffalo Lake showed 70% ice and a large open spot in towards the far shore. One icefisherman appeared to have drilled a hole 50 yards from downtown. I did not inspect the depth of ice.


2pm 100% frozen and covered with just a "dusting" of snow. Walked out from the usual launch site. At 20 ft from shore drilled through at 3-3.5" thickness. At 50 ft from shore drilled through at 1.5 - 2".

Snow coming?

Any local guesses about the Sun and Tues storms?

local guesses, heres one...

We will have plenty of ice for the weekend.

Bring warm clothes, there will be a high pressure system rolling in after the snow, a significant part of Minnesota North and West mainly will miss the storm, (because it's going to be too cold there to snow...) and it will be a little brisk in the mornings.