Short course in the bay close to shore

I'd like to set up a short course close to the willows, there will be a center median which is a continous obstruction, the couse is taken to port, left turn only.

The reason is to

1. Let sailors try a short course race without an outside wall to hit.

2. Capture GPS Tracks for Course Enhancement with Plowed Tracks.

3. Give the people in Lake City a thrill.

4. Set the stage for a Great Party at the Willows.

This is an epic regatta.

One not to be missed.


Great idea!!

I wish I could be there to try it. I like the idea of no outside wall. Maybe even Meyer would keep his boat on course.
Good luck and sail safe on Pepin. Remember their is a slight current of the big river under you. I will email my wifes cousin Pat, who lives on the shore a half mile to the south of you.
Enjoying conditions 1500 miles to the south. As I was rigging my laser yesterday I thought of you guys rigging your DN's in gloves! It is 87 in Cayman!!