Initial Ice calls are very encouraging:

US 4691 "spring park bay is frozen, ready to go"

Right now we have options!

More will emerge today.

Spring Park Bay

I plan to be at Spring Park Bay about noon saturday.


Spring Park Bay

12+ DN's on Spring Park today....Reports of 4" Ice in multiple locations. Hoar ice crystals there too...

Go Icesurf! Snazzy!

Any one sailing Spring Park

Any one sailing Spring Park Saturday?

They came from Europe to sail with us!

Do you think maybe that might be a little antisocial?

They came from Europe to sail with us!

I was just asking a question. I can't make it to Pepin And did not want to sail alone. I'm new to this and could use the help

very sage,

Not being critical, just making a suggestion.

Pepin, Lake City


About 3" of optically clear ice, and making ice fast, I expect almost 4 inches by morning. Aside from the culvert duck hole by the south side park boat ramp saw no open water.

The Hoar Ice crystals were standing like flower petals , rising maybe 3/4 inch above some really smooth ice, the lake looks like it was snowed on, absolutely amazing, it'll probably sublime my morning.

She looks alluring, this cat may have sharp corners, I suspect she sleeps with her spurs on. Thorough checking will begin at sunrise tomorrow, and the regatta will follow once a course is set.

Remember, it's early season ice, and if you're going to find that hole, the timing seems perfect.

This is going to be so epic!


Lake Riley

Lake Riley in Eden Prairie froze 100% last night. Looks good.

Buffalo drive by...

This sailor is setting up tomorrow morning at Sturges Park, Buffalo, MN to check the fresh frozen Ice.

The lake is reported by a respected DN and Nite Race to have large ares of clear ice, with large areas of 1-2" drifts, moderate density and no crust.

She may prove to be great, Pulaski was still steaming about 1:00 this afternoon.

Does anybody know about Prior Lake?