Lake Mtka main lake is frozen

Just got the word that the main lake on Mtka is frozen as of Tuesday night, so there is NO SNOW on it. We could get a second local season on the main lake, but you just have to get past the drifts (1" - 3") out to the main lake and freshly frozen area.

Calling all ice checkers,,,,,,,,

12/ 22 & 23, tue/wed

who can sail? might be it with snow wed night. finaly some wind. markham is coming up. call me , meyer

ya xxxxx


got a ride about 2 pm, mast popped out and going fast for a couple of times. good ice is about 1/3 out and all the way to pilsbury pt. big area. 1.5" drifts to get to it. no holes or cracks. 6 boats set up. lacrosse beer still good. sunday looks marginal again for wind. 7 mph would be enough. one weather lier says 7, other 4. better monday for wind, all the way up to 9. meyer

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From Hwy. 7, go north on Vine Hill, West on Minnetonka Blvd., right on Cottagewood, left on Park Place . . .. to the lake. Park on the street. Carry everything.

Where is Harry's? Thanks!

Where is Harry's?


and we seem to have other inventory emerging

anyone sailing friday?

out of harry's. meyer

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Now all we need is some

Now all we need is some wind! Looks light both Fri-Sat.
Is there enough clear ice on main lower lake to take a spin?

clear ice

believe all was open, should be all clear except right in front of harrys.

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