Ice Assessment Week 3 in Minnesota

So far Lake Christina and Lake Pepin have been very sweet to us.

Right now,

Lower Lake Minnetonka is reported to be freshly frozen, ice reports should emerge,

Lake Okoboji, IA shows by web cam to be in similar condition, no reports as of yet.

Lake Pepin, South of Lake City, by Modis Imagery appears pretty clear, but Monday Sailors suggested it was drifting up a bit, no current reports in hand.

Swan Lake near Mankato, by Modis Imagery appears to be in an area free of snowfall, and appears fully frozen, no reports exist yet.

Lake Phalen, St Paul, inspected yesterday, Dec 16, 8" of ice, 1-2" of snow cover.

Other lake reports are encouraged.

Where is that perfect piece of ice today?


Lake Okoboji Ice

Sailed today out of Brown's Bay (south end of west lake Okoboji). The whole lake is froze but some goose holes open off of Gull Point State park. We sailed on an area one mile by 3/4 of a mile. Ice is great with some very small snow drifts on the section we sailed is 95% clear ice. Ice about 6-8 inches thick.
We had 7 DN's on. Bringing the marks tommorrow for some fun racing. DN 5287 5360 5260 Davis's E'burg
(Update 12-20 9:30 A.M.) Recieved 2 plus inches of snow last night. We are going to try to sail but wind forecast not good.

Spring Park Bay

Spring Park Bay, Thursday, Dec. 17th, 1 PM. 1", medium density. Snow is not frozen to the ice. There is a growing number of fishing shacks -- winter's version of milfoil. Parking lot has been properly plowed. Usable in a pinch.

lake calhoun

Urban sailing... a lake with some scenery, skyscrapers & spandex.

50% covered in 1" medium density snow, 50%covered in hoar frost.

It seems like too sweet a place... any interest in sailing here?

I believe I might.


Sailed Calhoun Saturday

When the wind was on we got about two hours of great light air sailing, the clean half near perfect 5-8" ice measured... the snow cover was barely noticed, perhaps a pound of resistance at running speed.

The weather man is talking serious White Christmas storm with somebody getting a foot or more of snow. Get it while its here...

Carpe DN