sail minnetonka tue/wed, main lake pebble ice with 1/2"snow. large area about 1/4 mile north of cottagewood to pillsbury pt.

1.5" drifts to get to it out of harrys. markham coming up. looks like good wind finally. big wind wed, see if i can break another new mast. get it in before wed nights snow. meyer


Wed we had 4 of us out in 15-20 wind. Set a 1 mile course and Markham again took line honors in each 2 lap race.
The DN's were really wound up and masts bent to the extreme in outstanding conditions. No breakage!! Pulled out a little early and Maloney came out as we left. Started to snow and we all had Xmas stuff to get ready.
Looks like this could be it for a while!

Next Tonka Day

I missed your last day on Tonka, was out of town. When/where are the MNTKA sailors meeting next? I am a DN sailor.

Good day on Tuesday

Meyer, Markam, Miller, Bruce, Maloney and a few other assorted iceboats were ripping it up in the middle of the main lower lake at Tonka. Wind stayed in the 11-15 range providing fast action. We set at least a mile course and had the boats in a real groove much of the time. The ice is fast and smooth with a dusting to 1 inch max in the middle of a 1.5 by 1.5 mile area. A few small ridges to go slow over on the way out from Harry's in Deephaven. Must be 10 DN's set up there now.
Wind forcast is perfect for Wed at 14-18 MPH out of the East. Get it early before more snow arrives, which will shut her down for the forseeable future. Sorry no photos today. Another posting has the directions to Harry's or go to Shorewood Marina off Hiway 19 just west of Excelsior. Mike sailed from there and reported good conditions. Ice must be 6 inches or more as ATV's were pulling fish houses around!

I am up for Mtka

Tom, I was hoping for a better wind forecast for Monday, but Tues looks good. I will be at Harry's to give it a rip before Xmas snows. I do not have your phone number. Give me a call at 612-868-2949.

Tuesday is the day

Wind is now at 12 expected to build to 18 by 3 PM. I am loading up and expect to launch at Harry's by 11AM. Anyone wanting to join us, lets do it before the snow event starting Wed PM ruins it. Meyer and Markham are on there way also.