Last sail in 09 Lake Pepin, Lake City Thursday New Year's Eve,

Within 60 miles of St Paul, after that monster blizzard, we still have ICE! Sweet Rain near Lake Pepin.

This sailor inspected Lake Pepin at the launch site for the Great Western Challenge in Lake City this morning. It was rained on, appears to have melted all the snow, almost impossible to stand without cleats.

The Lake is in Sweet Sailing Condition. 99.44% Pure Ice with a few small drifts the source is land based blown snow, most under 1.0 of medium density (compresses 70% under foot, the lake looked a lot cleaner north of Lake City, towards Frontenac, but from what I saw you can sail from Frontenac to Pepin WI easily, mind that one buoy were there's a history of open water. It looks like all inserts to me, Your mileage might vary.

Stay tuned for sailing announcements!

A short course will be set up on clear ice, Qualifier for Fire on Ice at the Winter Carnival.

Carpe DN for week 4 in Minnesota!


I'm thinking Thursday, Lake City

Not too cold and wind in the forcast.

Anyone else?


Thursday... Icemakers Challenge...

I'll set up a short course, and run a few heats, and I give a bottle of New Years Eve Champagne, and a jug of Gosling's to the winner. Last chance to sail in 09, this could be fine!


I see the wind on Pepin at Lake City will be up to 10MPH by noon. I have a free day to go. Anyone else. Call me 612-868-2949.
Markham, were you on Pepin at Lake City or further South on Monday?



I have been boating on Lake Onalaska near LaCrosse--70 miles down the river from Lake City. We have snow ice that is as good as it gets. A huge pice of stable ice.

LaCrosse Ice

Four boats out today. Waited until 2:00 PM for the wind to drop to a steady 20 mph--plenty or real estate to crank up the speed. Wednesday and Thursday look good for wind. Very cold this weekend.