any ice on pepin?? for jan 1, 2 & 3, ice checkers respond

please post what condidtions are at pickle factory or lake city. markham says lacrosse might have ice. pepin closer drive than madison. looks like no snow this week. thanks. meyer 612-432-8124

Ice in LaCrosse--01/01/2010 Update

6:45 PM. Day six complete--5 boats out today. Finally thawed out from nearly 3 hours of boating. Big wind in the mid teens at times--drifts not very hard yet. Sublimation process is working already--dew point will drop with the artic plunge of high pressure.
Getting to seven days of boating in a row may be difficult--tomorrow's predicted highs are below 0 or near +5 deg F(each weather liar has a differnt story) and the wind will be dropping off.
It has been a great run and the ice will get better during the week. No snow is in the forecast for the next 10 days, either.

Vikes instead of ice

Other than a sunny day, not looking like a day to make a drive south!


It's a balmy -19 degrees in Lacrosse WI. this am.1/2/2010.
Here for the day Sunday at my daughter's on French Island. Hoping I'll have time to go for a spin if I have time. Where are you sailing at Markum? It was dark when I drove over the river so I didn't get to see how sexy your ice is yet.

The hardest part about sailing in these temps is keeping your beer from freezing.

DN 5050

DN 5050

Ice In LaCrosse--01/03

After the temps went positive and the wind came up at 3:00 PM, Meyer and I went for a spin.

The ice is sticky and blunts are the ticket for now.

Sublimation is still helping every day.

Ice in LaCrosse--12/31 Update

4:15 PM. Day five complete. The 1" of snow made for 4.5" drifts that made using inserts difficult. I sailed blunts and Meyer was on his 3/16" inserts.

The drifts are starting get hard, too. On the bright side, the sublimation procerss is already wearing away at the snow. We have much more clear ice now than this morning and the drifts are not as deep.

Will be sailing tomorrow if temperatures allow.

Meyer just called. Lake City received less snow than LaCrosse. The ice does appear boatable but rougher than here.

We need to round up more folks for boating this weekend. One week before the Western Regional regatta and we can not find boaters...what is wrong with everyone?


Sailed Pepin at Lake City today 12/30.. Gave the ice an 8 but the day a 3 both wind and visibility went down hill in the afternoon. Some water on top the ice at the launch site but you can get around it. jw

Ice in LaCrosse--12/30 update

4:30 PM. Day 4 of boating complete. Light snow continues to fall...about 1/2" so far. Looks like it will be over in another hour or so. Inserts will still be the correct runner choice.
Tomorrow we should have more wind from the northwest.

Ice in LaCrosse--Day Three of Boating

12/28 5:00 PM. Day three of boating. Meyer says the ice in LaCrosse is much better than the ice in Lake City looks. 602 noted that Lake City is more suitable for heavier boats--it is rougher. We truly have great ice now.
More wind tomorrow and Thursday. 1" of snow forecast for tomorrow into the evening--will keep posting of the weather events.
The bluffs in LaCrosse are senic like on Lake Pepin...a nice venue for being outdoors.

Come on...

602 says? You're totally F.O.S...

1. That was a complete sentence you just wrote, when's the last time we heard one from him.

2. I'll bet he didn't even roll down the window when he drove by, to crash for free at your place.

3. That's why the ice looks so much better to him, it clearly fogs his objectivity.


I do not recall when Meyer wrote more than a phrase in his postings...he does ramble, but makes his point.

I have not seen the ice in Lake City, but I know good ice when I see it...even if it is on my home lake.
My report was accurate based on what I was told. Meyer did stop and get out of the car, too.

I am not trying to t-bone your effort...only reporting the ice conditions and the boating I am doing. If you would like for me to not post, just say so.

I strive to:
1. accurately reflect the ice conditions
2. find the best ice in a localized area for others to enjoy

FOS= Free of Snow

So as near as I know we have two great sheets of ice in Minnesota, a holiday week and sailors have options!

This is a really great thing.

We're planning on plowing Prior Lake as soon as the slush kicks, a permit, a lakeside bar restaurant, we'll have at least two weeks of qualifying and short track tuning prior to the Johnson Cup Competition at the St Paul Winter Carnival.

Ice In LaCrosse--12/27 Update

Update 12/27 4:30 PM. Sailed today. 1.5 X 1.5 miles of great ice free of hazards--no drain holes or working cracks. Ice is a 8 on a 10-point scale.


Rain in Lacrosse?

Rain in Hager City?

I know they have Rain in Hager Stadt, at the Border near Redwing... she might melt the snow on Pepin. Stop in, tell her the you're an iceboater, be very cautious of the drain holes.

Ice in LaCrosse--12/27 update

Update 12/27 4:30 PM. Sailed today. 1.5 X 1.5 miles of great ice free of hazards--no drain holes or working cracks. Ice is a 8 on a 10-point scale.

Santa stopped by with a 1/2" of rain yesterday...all the iceboaters in the area are grateful. We have boatable ice in LaCrosse--not perfect, but clear snow ice. The forecast for the next two days looks great--wind in the mid teens with temps in the low 20's. Call (608)498-1897 for more details.

Ice in LaCrosse--12/27 update

Update 12/27 4:30 PM. Sailed today. 1.5 X 1.5 miles of great ice free of hazards--no drain holes or working cracks. Ice is a 8 on a 10-point scale.