Week Five in Minnesota, Oveview


considering the scope of the Christmas Blizzard, the ice is much better than most of you would believe.

The ice on Pepin is reported to be very good, Lake City looking better than Pepin, Bay City, WI at the north end looks like an option, with Red Wing and Hager City Amenities close at hand.

From Ed in Pepin WI,

Monday, January 04, 2010 3:05 PM

Pepin is looking OK. Had 1/2 a dozen boats on at Pepin, but too darn cold to sail this weekend. Probably 40% snow covered but no depth.

Lake City may be a better bet.


Forecast is for a 1-3" snow with cold temps tomorrow, we'll have to check after the event...5369 said he wouldn't go alone, checking might happen tomorrow.

Onalaska in LaCrosse may also be in the realm of possibility for a Westerns site nearby.

Lake Phalen, site of Fire on Ice at the Winter Carnival has about an inch of Styrofoam grade snow over 14" ice, (2" snow ice, covering 12+ green ice grade .95 green ice) Capable of supporting about 10 tons 106 feet on center, give or take. If it warms up this lake is likely sail-worthy in its current condition. In perfect condition for track preparations.

Prior Lake, site a Fire on Ice preliminary event is crap, 3" of Styrofoam, but we have plan indeed come together here, easy on/off friendly locals, an on site bar restaurant.

Wild speculation"

Modis Imagery shows what appears to be a pretty good sheet of ice between Madeline and Stockton Islands off Bayfield WI... if there's a local resource with a set of eyes, it might be an amusing place to winter sail...

Lake Oahe, just north of Pierre SD also looked pretty sweet in the last 48 hrs with little snowfall in their neighborhood.

Five straight weeks of sailing in Minnesota!

Pepin on Thursday

I plan to hit the road by 9AM on Thursday and drive to Lake City to sail on the Pepin ice. We need first hand reports for this weekends scheduled Western Regionals to see if Pepin is possible! The Ice Maker is planing on joining me. Would love to have a few others sail to give the ice a good inspection. A light snow is moving in by 6PM and expected to continue on/off all day Thursday with 17MPH NNW winds to stir things up. I have a cousin who lives in Lake City who will give me a verbal report by 8AM as to snow depth.
Give me a call at 612-868-2949 with any interest.
Looks like Madison may even get more snow out of this sysyem too!

storm watch

We're looking at 1-3 forecast inches of snow from today's system, more in parts of Wisconsin... DN Regional Rear Commodore Smith says Pepin is among the candidate lakes for a Western Regional Regatta, scheduled for this weekend.

Who's up for an early Thursday trip to Lake Pepin on Thursday to verify conditions exist?