Western Challenge - Preliminary Final Results

Andy Flying

Buffalo, Minnesota

Sunday, 06 Dec 2003

Ron Sherry wins the 2003 Western Challenge!!

The 2003 Western Challenge has to go down as one of the best challenges in recent history. With three great days, including the practice day on friday (hey, it's usually the best day), of fresh breezes and smooth ice all thirty-six participants could go home with their fill of iceboating. Novice iceboaters and some of the best iceboaters in the world, including three europeans, and the world champion, took on the Western Challenge and were rewarded with some of the best conditions for iceboating.

Here's how many races we got in;

10 informal practice races on friday

6 races on saturday

3 races on sunday

After getting three races in on sunday morning we had our nine races needed and the regatta was over. The traveling crews could leave in the early afternoon to get a jump on the long drive home.

Thanks to everyone who participated to make this regatta such a great time, and a special thanks to all of those who traveled long distances to come and sail with us.

Congratulations go out to the top four local boys:

Mark Christinsen (us4824), Third Place

John Dennis (us4691), Fifth Place

Rob Evans (us4975), Eighth Place

John Loomis (us4923), Fifteenth Place

The regatta finished with three races sailed on sunday in 16-20kts of a fresh southerly breeze. The blowing wind started to create snow drifts to keep everything interesting. With the strong puffs and the snow drifts there was a premium put on driving and trimming skils.

The downwinds were intense as competitors tried to keep a runner flying all the way down to the leeward pin to minimize snow drag.

There were quite a few photographers at the event and we hope to have a some pictures posted throughout the week.

Here's the preliminary final results.

points sail
pos w/TO no skipper home port
1 10 44 Ron Sherry Detroit, Mi
2 36 46 Paul Goodwin Southfield, Mi
3 39 4824 Mark Christinsen Mound, Mn
4 44 4379 John Harper Detroit, Mi
5 45 4691 John Dennis Excelsior, Mn
6 51 g737 Jorg Bohn Germany
7 54 294 Lou Lonneke Lake Geneva, Wi
8 57 4975 Rob Evans Mound, Mn
9 63 4926 Steve Oberle Pewaukee, Wi
10 84 45 Wendell Sherry Lake Geneva, Wi
11 89 g666 Torsten Siems Germany
12 92 4961 John Davenport Oskosh, Wi
13 93 3283 J. Bruce Williams
14 109 2000 Leon LeBeiers Detroit, Mi
15 117 4923 John Loomis Minnetonka, Mn
16 120 2360 Pete Johns Chicago, Il
17 136 4695 Mark Kiefer Fergus Falls, Mn
18 140 1059
19 144 5214 Jim McDonagh Minneapolis, Mn
20 145 4137 Ken Smith Plainfield, Il
21 155 5014 Mark Isabel Pewaukee, Wi
22 164 1202 Doug Harvey Sterling Heights, Mi
23 171 602 Tom Meyer Tonka Bay, Mn
24 179 824 Steve Kennedy Chaska, Mn
25 181 1313 Bob Rast Michigan
26 186 246
27 193 244
28 194 4824-B Pat Huttner Minnetonka, Mn
29 206 5172 Glen Betzoldt Sand Lake, Mi
30 224 50 Will Foster Minneapolis, Mn
31 229 p71
32 233 497 Randy John Plymouth, Mn
33 234 5169 Al Lizee Lake Geneva
34 238 2452 Harry Allen Deephaven, Mn
35 243 494 Andy Foster Minneapolis, Mn
36 245 3559 Mike Miller Wayzata, Mn

If there are any questions or corrections please post a comment and let me know. I would also like to fill in the missing names.

some photo's

willy (sail #50) took these pictures on sunday. We took some pictures after the regatta was over and we were just ripping around.


Western Challenge

I also think a huge THANK YOU needs to be given to JD,Dr,Rob, Jim and all others who did the work. Not even a registration fee involved! Since this was only my second time sailing a DN and first regatta on ice, I especially appreciated all the help and advice. I was happy not to crash or foul anyone. Now all I need is a few upgrades and time to hopefully compete. I am hooked!!!!! Nothing like turning the weather mark flying a runner or whatever you call it, peeling off, sheeting as hard as possible and doing Mach 10.Also, Thank you Jim for a great website. Just notice the # of reads in only one day.
Mike Miller #3559.

Mike Miller

DN Western Challenge Regatta

Thanks to those who helped make this special event happen...

From the initial ice checkers, to the guys setting the marks and blocks, putting together the logistics & coordinating the information, to the guys who cleaned up the launch site after the event... Thanks, your efforts are really appreciated.

We're not naming names here, except one...

My special thanks to Pat Huttner who opted not to race on Sunday, and served as our committee for races 7, 8, & 9... Thanks Pat!

Mark 4695

Race Results in Detail...

I also posted the race results in detail


If you see any problems let me know.