Green Lake Wi Jan 16, 2009

Green Lake Wi Jan 16, 2009
I just returned from a one day turn-around drive to the best ice in the Midwest! Green Lake Wi was only a 4.5 hour drive from Wayzata, MN. Sailed 5 hours with at least 10 scrub races twice around on at least a mile course! The ice is slightly pebbley black ice, 5-6 inches thick, with no ridges or holes!
Just a ridge offshore from the County Park on the SW corner of lake. 3 miles to the East is open water!!! You can drive right on the 1 foot of shore ice to park and set up. You must walk the boat across some piled up chunks about 200 yds offshore from the set up area. The race area is at least 1.6 miles by 2 miles.
Dr, Markham, Meyer and Miller represented Mn with the Dr winning just about every race out of 10-15 racers. The winds were in the 8-12 range and with hard black ice we were wound up to Mach 10 most of the day.
Lets hope it holds all week for the Western's next weekend.
Ken Smith was one of the racers.
I posted a photo in library images, and can't figure out how to transfer here! Geoff Sobering also posted a photo in images.
Help 5214!

Late afternoon on Green Lake, 1/16/10

Great weekend!

Thanks to everybody in Green Lake who got us out there!

Saturday was just about perfect; medium winds, fast ice - what more could you want!

Sunday was a little grayer with lighter winds, but still great sailing.