Pepin Ice Report

Local friends of iceboating report 1/2" of existing snow cover, with 1.5" of newly fallen powder snow at sunrise this morning...

Snow bands continue,

We started driving down in heavy traffic and 1/4-1/2" an hour snowfall,

Winds expected to exceed 25 mph

Consensus, the wind will be such a determining factor that no accurate assessment of what Saturday's ice will be this morning. This trip is a fools errand, and while others might disagree, fools we are not. Trip abandoned in progress.

Looking for the right track host location sites. I think we can still plow a track Saturday for Sunday Sailing on some lake if we can find two snow plows...

Phalen might be boat able in current shape with snow runners.

A White Bear track near on shore amenities may be an option for a development track in anticipation of Fire on Ice.

The IceBoaters, as rare as Buffalo are looking for a place to stampede.


Pepin ice

A further phone call to friend in Lake City reported that the 20-25 MPH wind has already created significant drifts on Pepin. It was an easy call to turn around and abandon the trip SE based on this and very slow traffic just trying to get out of Dodge!