The Johnson Cup > Fire on Ice presented by Great Clips,

Jeff Solum a rookie DNer from Deephaven MN put on a masterful display in the final event, He had an explosive start, leapt away from a seasoned "finals race" field and never looked back, last year's runner up in the finals Sam Kiefer, driving the Great Clips Racing, #38 boat had a disappointing race. "I had the boat going pretty good in track testing yesterday, I must have knocked a runner out of alignment, and my start pretty much sucked, Jeff was flying away from me before I even got in the boat".
Fire On Ice 2010 - Sam Kiefer and the Great Clips sail power of the line

21 Competitors registered and raced, gotta check, but I think there were 10 races sailed. A lot of passing, as the wind was up and down along the track and holding speed was the critical once you got a puff was the key in every race I watched. There was some lapping going on, and we had 6 or seven race winners feeling that joy that comes with doing well far down into the fleet. Several times a boat would go from a half a lap up to a half a lap down or the other way with one little puff or one little mistake in a turn.

Several hundred spectators, might have been a thousand, you couldn't park they were complaing, including a couple who drove from Iowa just to watch, and several who had plans to built boats, enjoyed some great weather and light air racing, WYC's Barnie Barnes won the award for most pieces of flair, with maybe 30 winter carnival buttons on her jacket.

The event was a huge success from almost every perspective except the light air, and pooching the parade. Looking for feedback on what we might do better. Several hundred little improvements have already been logged for future events on the Circuit. Many of them targeted to improving the competitor experience from time of notice of race, set up their boats, and race many races, until they watch the replays and read the stories. We did fail to make the parade, which is my only disappointment, it's on the improvements list, that's too much fun to miss again.

Many thanks for the support of our Sponsor partners and friends who help us make Fire on Ice, presented by Great Clips a magic event again this year:
- The Risdall Marketing Group, and Mr. John Risdall
- Great Clips
- The St Paul Heritage and Festival Foundation
- The City of St. Paul
- Kline Motorsports - parade trailer
- Maplewood Imports - and George Andeweg parade vehicle and driver.
- Kattack,
- Dr. Ben Shaevitz, from the Physics Department at Slippery Rock University
- Xcel Energy, with a small but nice warming tent, free hand warmers and hot cocoa, what a nice touch for the spectators and volunteers.
- and Trophy Sponsor Harken, with a beautiful padded runner bag for a keeper trophy.

Tip of the helmet to the story tellers, Kevin, Peter, Peter, Heinz and his team, Patrick, Patrick, Geoff, Mark P, Kathy.

To the Volunteer supporters, mostly "just sailors" from Wayzata, Minnetonka, White Bear, Bald Eagle, and others... PRO Jarod Silverman, and race stager Nik Ogura kept the pace of racing brisk, by having next race staged on the dormant track during each race.

And my very special thanks to the competitors who came and tested their steel on the track at Fire on Ice... in 4 and 5 boat heats.

While there is no formal event today, as the WIRC has no permit, several DNs remain setup and the forecast is very nice, and some "informal" sailing will no doubt occur.

The south track will be the one for some rips, with a 6-10 mph wind forecast there will be some runner flying. It will be nice to test four and five boat groups in hiking conditions.

This sailor will be there about 11:00

Carpe DN!


iceboating at Canyon Ferry Lake in Townsend, MT

I am trying to find someone who sails in Townsend. I have a DN and live in WA state. Is there anyone to call that might have info on conditions there? I have not had any luck on the internet so far.