anyone going up? what is ice like now?

what is weather predictions for fri/sat/sun?

ya xxxxx


Right now it is Sunny (no light snow). I am hoping the wind prediction will clear some of the snow.The wind is typically stronger on the Lake then predictions they make for the airport.

Dodged a bullet last night

Dodged a bullet last night only less then 1 cm of snow fell on the whole East shore line of Superior.Another great day on the Ice .Wind was up gusting in the higher teens (MPH).

I will hopefully have

I will hopefully have pictures today,then I will let you decide.


Click on image to see a larger version.
Bearch Beach 004.jpg
Bearch Beach 005.jpg
Bearch Beach 006.jpg

Well did you look at the

Well did you look at the pics in my blog? What do you think?
BTW great looking Ice boat,looks like it will fly.

Rippin' Thunder Bay

I got my passport! I got my Passport!@ :P