This coming weekend... Tonka? Calhoun?

Last evening, Sunday there were over 24" of optically clear ice under 4" of snow ice and 4-8 inches of water/slush/snow. The forecast seems to support the following case:

All of the remaining snow on Minnetonka, and other local lakes will melt over the next 48-60 hours, the water will drain, and we'll be left with 18-24 pretty darn good inches of ice, temperatures cold enough to kick anything remaining on Friday night and a Perfect Day of Iceboating Friday/Saturday and Sunday... of course there should be a concern for those pesky drain holes, be careful out there.

That's how i see it happening...and that's how I'm planning.

Calhoun may be advantageous for a couple reasons, 1 no vehicle traffic means no Salt Boogers falling from cars to wreck the ice. 2. a most interesting population of athletic people within 5 miles.


I agree. I walked out about

I agree. I walked out about 1 mile from Shorewood yacht club and observed 4-6" of packed snow, and only maybe 1" of slush underneath. The ramp at SYC is still plenty good, and doesn't get much traffic, so it might make it to the weekend. My "plan" is to attempt to sail this weekend, and tear down the Skeeter on Sunday.

Wayzata Bay, Lake Minnetonka

Wednesday March 10 3:00 pm local

there is standing water/slush on the surface of the entire bay, it's substantially thin oatmeal for about 2 inches, then it appears to be the hard clear ice below the slush.

The ramp is toast from the car salt, but it's frozen hard to shore yet and access is with dry feet.

With rain in the forecast, maybe another half inch to go with the .33 we've seen so far, expect the lake will look fantastic once it floats up.

the webcams up around Ely MN are looking sweet right now... with an excellent forecast.

Further details as they emerge.



The rain just might make a trip to Lake Pepin / Hagar City worthwhile.... Sun is cold and Rain is hard, I know, been that way for all my time....