thunder bay fri, sat , sun, have you seen weather report, same ice, all three days: 12 mph, 44 day, 24 night

let's go , trying to promote it for westerns, close enough to mn to count. don't need passpport, just birth cert. so no westerns, who's going up, only 6.5 hrs, but don't speed on hwy 61 , just sightsee and avoid the wolves. two harbors has the cheapest gas. $49 for a cheaper rm, but food more expensive. it's really, really, really going to be epic!!! meyer

do NOT need a passport

conditions won't ever be this good. anytime in the future or the next 20 yrs. it's the regatta of the century in thunder bay.

ya xxxxx

2010 Westerns

Suggest that if there are no conditions within the Western Region that the event could be postponed until December, 2010. Because I don't have a valid passport, I would prefer December rather holding the event outside the Region. It seems there was careful scrutinizing of travelers returning to the USA from the North American.

Lake Pepin???

Give it a few days, with this thaw and lots of very thick ice yet. There will be some great sailing locally yet.

DN 5050

DN 5050

no, too warm next week, need freezing at night

talking about denial, thunder bay is it. this or next weekend. now that wewsterns called off, who is going up sat??? leave at 4am, boat by 11 to sunset and then sunday 8 to noon. back by 7. anyone, or you all leakers!!!!! any real iceboaters out there? call me, rm in trailer for one. 612-432-8124 meyer

ya xxxxx

So now that we are postponed...

...and Tom is leaving town for Canada, where are we sailing locally?

We have wind and we have what looks like 30" of ice. It is NOT going to be epic. But look, Calhoun has bar access so it can't be be all bad.




checking ice this afternoon,

I have meetings this morning for work, and plan to check Tonka this afternoon, it's still raining....

almost .8" in the last 36 hours.

currently KA 2 and 4695 are set up in wayzata bay.