Sunday outlook.


A smart looking group of Iceboaters, (some of them) after another great day of sailing on lake Minnetonka, looking smugly thru the lens at all rest of you, who weren't sailing.

Back Row from left: 38 The IceMaker, 602 Tommy, KA2 Peter, 4811 Markham, Nik-san "strong enough to break 1/19 cable" Ogura, 2452 Harry, KA3 John, 5096 STEVE KENNEDY, 2451 Billy, 5366 Adam.

Front Row: Sure as Bob's your uncle, its Sidney, the Aussie Iceboat dog, tending to her herd, wondering why that Sheila named Amanda didn't bring any Vegemite when she was fetching beers for the boys, F-All.

Some great rips today, a large and well scouted sailing area, maybe 1.5 miles, don't go far from the main lake without either extreme caution or a safety briefing. I expect most of today's sailing, and tomorrow's was or will be visible from the Minnetonka Yacht Club Web cam.

Tomorrow looks better.

We'll be back early in the morning. Sunday, 4811 says 0830.

As always, sailors of all abilities are welcome at Minnesota Ice Sailing gatherings.

December 3rd seems so distant, maybe Ushuaia, Argentina in July?

Carpe DN