Thunder Bay Ice Sailing

Spent another 3 hours on the boat today.Same short windward leeward course.Getting more comfortable in the boat.Sometimes I find when going fast(which seems like all the time) and I go to tack the boat seems to want to keep going straight.I experimented a bit with shifting my weight forward and that seemed to help a lot.
I can't wait to actually get in a race and see how bad I get my rear end handed to me.I am sure it will be a great learning experience. :)
BTW still tons of hard ice here


There are a couple nice reprint articles on the IDNIYRA website about boathandling, etc. give them a read.

Tacking a DN is an art, easing sheet minimally (no more than required) is important, sliding weight forward puts weight on the steering runner, laying helmet down on cockpit floor to allow the boom to clear, and tacking a bit quicker than you thought to rotate the mast properly.

Simple, once you get the hang of it.