Ice Report, Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota

It got cold last night, the lake was hard all day, a little rumbly but smoother than last time, about noon Billy US2451 and I both assessed that we'd be racing - er sailing around buoys with a collision avoidance protocol on Saturday morning... 5 DNs and 8 sailors, (one rookie) were out today on Minnetonka, it was windy early, and it died calmly late, the ice was fantastic.

Supposed to be a little breezy tomorrow, people are sailing, it'll be a day for large and long dull runners, and big stones.

Saturday will be an early day, plan to start sailing by 10:00 as the wind may die by 2:00 we can't have a regatta, but we can have a "Reggae-Ta Ta"... a party might break out, Reggae music?, bring something to share, maybe a pair.

As always, sailors of all abilities are welcome at Minnesota Ice Sailing gatherings.

This might be "IT" locally, but what a way to end a season.


harrys, minnetonka, friday now!!!!

should be there now, fri 9 am. i will be by 10. done by 2 pm with too warm and windy. sat is a bust, too warm fri night and no wind. need to reschedule "races" sunday at 9 am sharp. 10 mph wind in early am fading in the pm. and heat rising.

ya xxxxx

Sailing Saturday

If you don't go, you don't know.

I find, in the spring of the year, you need to actually go down to the ice and decide if you can sail.

I'm going this morning, I expect we'll sail.


Don't write off Sat. so soon... NWS models just upgraded Saturday's forecast and there should be wind all morning now.

How about a two day Reggae-ta-ta's in the AMs?

Thanks for the rip in the light stuff on Thursday PM, Meyer. I was happy to see your mast still standing...



markham is on the way up for regatta, will be here 10am. if can get on at harrys, looks good for early boating. done by 2pm. colder sat night and more wind sun. should be good at 9 am, adam/jimmy. amanda, stay away from crack sw of harrys.

ya xxxxx

Saturday report

Eight DNs sailed Lake Minnetonka, one found a new crack near the Minnetonka Yacht Club.

There is a very large sailing area that's been sailed all week, we've found three long wide cracks in areas near bays and islands and well out of the main lake sailing area.

Sailors were saying 8:30 for a start on Sunday...

I expect this will be the Fat Lady Reggae Ta-Ta, unless it's going to get really cold, nobody's looking towards next weekend.

The sun will be out, 10 -12 mph wind, a great sheet of ice, that gets a bit soft in a few places, most people still on either inserts of plates.