This concludes the broadcast season of the Minnesota Ice Sailing Association...

Sailors in Minnesota enjoyed a most delightful second season, the month of March on the ice, Calhoun and Minnetonka were extraordinary venues, capped off with a wonderful 12 gusting 20 day on ice that most people found best with Inserts over Angle, big rips, a dozen or more races, and much more.

This concludes the broadcast season of the Minnesota Ice Sailing Association...

Please join us again next season, beginning December 3,4,5 for a new standard of excellence at the Great Western Challenge Regatta. The epic search for perfect ice, and a celebration of the beginning of the new season.

The DN Worlds are in North America, it'll be a great event to get everything up to speed...

Until then keep your feet dry.


ps. 602 dropped another mast.

Official Ice Out

Sunday March 28, 8 DN's and a BloKart rip up the entire main lake in 12-20.

Thursday April 1, Laser Dist 21 Sailors sailing on Minnetonka

Friday April 2 12:22 pm Lake Minnetonka declared open water:

IMHO, those guys were in danger by sailing that early, the lake could freeze at any moment!

was a great ending except for one more broken mast!

sailed 7 days out of the last 9. sat, sun, mon, thurs, fri, sat & sun 3/28. 3 of them in big winds and "fairly" hard ice. wonder why the mast broke. actually design flaw at 8'+. really, i wasn't hikng out. i can break them in the boat now. but making progress now with them breaking that high up vs 6'+. they sure go good with that high bend. need another layer of markham's bi-carb to keep wall from collapsing. have one more new one to modify yet. so that makes 3 broken masts this yr (9.5', 9', 8', 8'), but one two times at 9.5 and 8'+.

ya xxxxx


(9.5', 9', 8', 8') isn't that four failures, not three?