Ice Report: Lake Christina

Lake Christina was fully frozen at sunrise Sat Nov 20, currently they're under a storm advisory with 4-6" possible.

With our current brisk temperatures, other lakes are in the process of freezing now...

as I understand there are half a dozen or so europeans are planning on coming, so we'd better find some ice over the weekend.

Plans are forming for ice searching/checking expeditions beginning Friday.


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Western Challenge

Dear friends,

hope to see you all next weekend.
Beside the 6 dutch guys, there will be at least 2 (G-936 and G-737) perhaps more germans joining.

Icemaker, you can do it!

ICE searching safari begins

Loading up and heading out to find the perfect ice. We missed the snow that hit up north. Should have some observations in a few hours.

who is going to buffalo fridday am to see if frozen?

also who is going to swede to see if sailable sat/sun? rain first so wet snow might have sunk in the ice. should be thick enough by sat? not much wind sat. but more wind sun. so sun for sure!! meyer

ya xxxxx

The Great Western Challenge

For sure we are coming with 6 Dutch guys!
We are looking forward to a great weekend.
Can we order our tickets yet?

su next week.

dideric H467

Buy the ticket take the ride!

We have more frozen lakes than we can check. One rain/snow event to get thru monday nite and "Wegotaregatta!"


Then we'd better have a great sheet of ice ready when u get here. Swede Lake near Watertown was reported frozen by a J24 sailor at 0800 local time today,

A buddy of mine who lives on

A buddy of mine who lives on Bald Eagle Lake MN,said his lake and White Bear Lake are very close to freezing.

Lake Jennie, Meeker County

Jenny1: Froze over, about 3 1/4" ice beyond SW corner bay, black ice underneath 1" snow. Lake is 1088 acres. I plan on checking out further on Fri AM w/ ice skates.


Lake Jennie, Meeker Co ice report

I went out nearly 1/2 way across the lake from SW landing. Thickness is 3" (not over) out there. Cracks are froze over and very visible thru the 3/4" snow. I am not comfortable sailing all over the lake by myself. There is plenty of room for a couple of markers on the area I skated near. I hope to get my runners this AM & sail my way out this afternoon. 2 Fisherman were out beyond the bay this morning - I wasn't the only fool.