Primary site Lake Washington, MN (out of date)

Lake Washington is located on Highway 12 West of Minneapolis near Hutchinson and Litchfield.

We are still considering a couple of sights closer in. Cold temperatures are bringing new options every day.

Forest Lake
candidate, Forest Lake at 3:00pm tuesday...

Check here for lodging and updated site information .

Drive safe.


loaner / charter boat for the GWC

Hello Minn DN Sailors: Planning to fly out your way for the GWC regatta arriving Fri afternoon. The Icemaker may have a boat for me but there may be an issue with his mast and possibly his son Sam wishing to race also.

Can anybody else help me find a backup / loaner / charter boat for the weekend? I will gladly return the kind favor......... Please contact me via EMAIL basmoss1 at hotmail dot com.

thanks. Ben Shaevitz US 5395

I took a look at Washington

I took a look at Washington at 5:00 PM - went out about 1/4 mile from south landing. Main body looked to be 50% snow covered with up to 2" thick hard drifts - not good. There could be more open areas, but would be a pain getting there.
Drive by on Lake Jennie, 25% snow covered. I will take a better look tomorrow AM in better light. Jenny1


Forest lake is free of snow,

Forest lake is free of snow, as are many other lakes in the area. We would like to see Lake Washington and Lake Jenny in the light before we make any decissions.

JD US4691

JD US4691

Forrest Lake would be

Forrest Lake would be awesome,5 hr drive.