Alternate Site Discussion, The Great Western Challenge Regatta

Right now, I'm looking for Ice Reports and snow observers in the Forest Lake and Chisago City areas... local fishermen report 2-5" of current ice, but the reporter had no knowledge of ice depth over a couple of the deeper spots (~30')

Also The top 1/4 or 1/3 Lake Pepin is reported to be skinned over, this is borne out by the Modis Imagery... although there may not be enough cold to lock down a sailing area... maybe... we'd need a report from Frontenac MN.

The rain/snow looks like it may seriously damage Lake Washington near Dassel,

Again, there's some uncertainty as to amount and type of precip we'll really see.

We need to make a site decision as soon as possible on Wednesday, at least 3 ice reporters are needed for Wednesday... you know how to find me if your available.

Carpe DN


Lake Waconia

Numerous open spots as of Tues afternoon make Lake Waconia unsuitable--Sorry.

Thanks Marilyn!

Now if we just had some info on Pepin at Frontenac and maybe Bald Eagle,

It would be nice to ge a sail in on Forest Lake or Bald Eagle today but I'm done for now, dead car, and don't have any volunteers...

Snowfall prediction map

The good news... the transition from Raaaiiinnn to Snow is later than first guessed... some lakes already have significant rainfall to absorb the first falling snows...

We might get lucky... Yay, Raaaiiinnn!


Recent forecast update

It appears the weather guys were again overzealous about the amount of snow expected... the freeze thaw line to be farther west than predicted this morning...

"Fortune is guiding our affairs better than we ourselves could have wished."

Osakis Ice report

Lake Osakis was reported open water on Sunday, they got ~4" of snow t'day and a reputable ice reporter said on a drive by, 'Its gray, looks like snow ice' it may be ok, it may be done.