Forest Lake Sailing

Over 12 DN's and some Opti's are set up in front of Lake Side Park, Forest Lake MN and sailing...

More are on their way.

Ice checkers are scouting suitable lakes to our North and North East, where suitable options in fantastic condition exist. Some have already been walked on and some will shortely.

As we're watching this snow system emerge, many are reminding me that they aren't afraid to move overnight.

If that's the case, I imagine an announcenent will be made about 7:00 local time...


I concur!

Thanks Mark for all you do for the DN Class. You are a POWERHOUSE of energy and committment. I cannot make the trip this year but hopefully next year. Thanks. Ben Shaevitz US 5395

Thanks Mark,

We all appreciate your efforts in chasing the ice and hiding from the the snow in the forecast. It's always a challenge.
Keep us posted w/ any updates. I'll be leaving early sat. am and need to know which direction to aim the bus.

DN 5050

DN 5050