Any other scouted locations in Twin Cities?

I'd like to get out tomorrow before the snow. Any info out there on Spring park Bay, Medicine lake, etc?

Battle Lake MN

I'm just heading into do some sailing on Battle Lake, Looks like it will be in the edge of the snow later today, 90% clear of snow yet this morning :)

Happy sailing!

Dirk Siems
DN US445

Dirk Siems
DN US445


I will be checking out Isle on SE corner of big lake Mille lacs for a back up plan. Chapmans resort and Hunters pt resort. Only an 85 mile drive NW of Forest lake. Hope to be there by noon and then to forest. Forecast is less snow in Isle!! May need a backup plan

Sturgeon lake mn

75 miles north of Forest lake on I35 is a perfect plan B. Photos and ice report sent to JD and Mark. They are only expecting flurries to 1 inch!! Stay tuned.

Great Western Challenge Regatta

Lakeside Park
Forest Lake, MN

Regatta Hotel: Best Western – White Bear Country Inn
4940 North Hwy 61
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Map to Launch Site

They're already on the road and driving, in the plane and flying

Tomorrow at 10:00am - Sunday at 3:00pm

DN 5050

DN 5050


Here is where you need to go in the twin cities.

The primary site for what promises to be an EPIC GREAT WESTERN CHALLENGE IS FOREST LAKE!

Dude, Why would you want to sail alone, when there's an event with others and ice that has been checked?

DN 5050

DN 5050


Just go to Forest Lake, we won't have to watch the copter shot of ur rescue on the news tomorrow.


Waconia looked like 100% ice cover with just a dusting of snow, I didn't have time to walk it but I did see X country skiers about 100 yards out.

Don't go Waco.

A recent and very reliable report on this site suggests its probably unsuitable. U'll find that wet spot.

Not much help

Spring Park Bay looked locked in, but I did not have time to venture out this morning. Not sure if anyone has been out on it.The main lake was steaming at 8AM.