Driving past Lower Minnetonka, in spite of 18+ inches of snow falling on freshly frozen ice, the lake looks like it's fully snow ice with the obvious occasional morass. It's sure to be kited as soon as it warms up a bit. It may prove to be boatable.

Minnetonka 12/15/10 11 AM

I walked out in several places on lower Minnetonka. It's definetely snow ice with very few spots of unmelted snow. Generally the top couple of inches were frozen, followed by a couple of inches of slush, followed by 2-5" of black ice. Overall a very weak structure, and I was hesitant to do much scouting without a partner. If temps remain cold, and middle slush freezes, it should be great. Anybody interested in more scouting with me tomorrow? Pat Heppert 612-282-3098