Local Ice

My bet is there will be (N)ice reports coming soon...

Calhoun is looking dark http://www.kare11.com/weather/skycam-viewer.aspx?map=calhouncam.jpg

Harriet looks rumbly, and we know she's got a hole...http://www.lhycsailing.com/webcam/lhyc.html

Rummbly Calhoun on Sat

8 DN's shared the urban lake in pretty decent conditions. Mike Elson showed up in his vintage DN too! Winds picked up to about 10-12 making the snow ice fast. One reported a 53.8MPH on his GPS. Power reaches were the norm plus some 3-4 lap short windward courses.
Looks like the snow event of Sunday will take away any more fun in the Metro for a while. Good to get out when we did.
This was my first iceboating on Calhoun and the 36th St parking lot made it pretty convenient. Just had to dodge the bikers and runners crossing the path back to the car.

Anyone sailing today?

Anyone sailing today? Calhoun or Tonka


There was as much as an inch and a half of water on the ice this afternoon when I dropped by. Hopefully it will freeze tonight.

I plan on being down there Friday afternoon.



most won't freeze...


Ice is buoyant, at 93% the density of water, it will simply float up to the surface, it's a slow dynamic system if there aren't many holes... they'll form...

or put another way, if there's 24" of ice, and an inch and a half of water on the surface, then the ice needs to rise almost 4" to be happy, or reach some sort of equilibrium with the water...

of course drain holes are bound to be a risk, possibly a hazard... as is shell ice, use caution...

Very good point

st49 winged boat I still have a virgin boat . I don't want to wreck it.

st49 winged boat

calhoun is looking sweet... no vehicle traffic slush ruts

looking sweet once she kicks...