Tonka this weekend ??

Has anyone been out on Tonka to see how much snow melted? Any chance of re-freeze for this weekend's colder temperatures?

Sailed the entire main lake

Sailed the entire main lake Saturday. A little bumpy, but still smoother than earlier in the season. Great conditions and a great ride all day long. I can't believe there was only myself and one recreational DN out there. Anyway, today's snow will probably put an end to it for a while.

New communication mode

We need to add text messaging so you are not alone during great conditions.
Thanks for the report.

Tonka ice

I walked out on West Arm late this afternoon. The 50 degree tems have done wonders. I plan to sail either on my bay or check out the main lake and do a slalom course around the fish houses if the wind settles down a bit. Never seen so much snow melt in mid Feb. Maybe a good few weeks of iceboating coming!
Blowing hard now and drying out the water on top of the ice pretty good.
If Calhoun is better, let me know.
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