Weekend Outlook ... Sailing into April.

I expect the warm temps and light rain forecast for tomorrow will remove all the snow from our local lakes, leaving the ice clear, resurfaced, thick, substantially untouched by the sunlight, in other words perfect spring ice.

That said, the earlier melts, plus what we're going to see over the next three days will no doubt raise the water levels beyond their current level, causing water around the shorelines, some ramps might be needed for dry foot access.

50 degrees on Saturday? Calhoun? See the sights? Maybe grill some food on the ice? a picnic for sure.


Who's in?

Carpe DN!


So, any sailing?

So, any sailing?


the dawn patrol got some great rides before about 0900, then the wind stayed flat and we stood around people watching and having a great time as the ice got progressively softer, there was some chat about a Sunday morning effort, but no reports have been seen or heard.

Calhoun has excellent on shore entertainment, a little more wind would have made it better, but it was a great day nonetheless.

Tonka or Calhoun Sat?

Tonka water has all drained away and the ice firmed up overnight with 28F temps. 8-9MPH west winds today with sunshine promises good morning sailing before the ice softens. Where is everyone going to be, Harry's on Tonka or Calhoun? Need to get loaded up soon.

Tonka ice

I just posted a photo and description of Tonka ice in library images. Not sure how to post a forum topic with a photo yet!!
If I was not busy this afternoon, I would put on rain suit and take the DN for some rips around Tonka!! Wind is West at 12MPH and 40 degrees. I plan to sail on Sat AM where others will be. Is it Tonka at Harry's or Calhoun???
Let me know.

Minnetonka ice on April 1
Hint: click on pic for the ice report!


I expect if the lakes drain there will be sailors on the ice on both Calhoun and Minnetonka, probably a dozen other lakes too... it's looking pretty sweet!

Forecast Discussion

Friday / Saturday

Winds 10 - 15 mph, temperature in the nice day range, it's looking promising for Epic.

Hope to check out runner plank tune up efforts.


Crack heads

Walked Tonka Wednesday morning (upper end). Crossed over several cracks more than 1" wide. Looked fairly unforgiving. I hope you sail -- thought I'd pass it on.



This isn't the time of year to go ripping or worse, exploring without the risk of falling into a crack.

Upper Lake may have a few, Lower Lake as well is sure to, but Calhoun, cracks? Thousands!

There's sure to be half an acre of spandex "transom covers", jogging around Calhoun, bout 1/2 yard a crack...

Been out there every day since Sat...

Calhoun has about 1/2" of snow remains over very smooth ice. A small crack has developed across the northern 1/3 of the lake - be aware of that one. The shorelines are holding up very well - still walk-on as of Wednesday over the entire perimeter.


also minnetonka, out of harrys

sat looks the best chance for a ride with freezing fri night and more wind sat vs sun. get there early. meyer

ya xxxxx

You know I'll be there.

You know I'll be there. Just say the word. I may even bring some iceboating babes.



Bring Iceboat Babes to Calhoun?

That's perhaps like bringing firewood to the forest as the Estonian Iceboaters tell me. : )