per forcast, ice on minnetonka, thurs thru sunday

i plan on sailing thurs, anyone else? out of harrys. meyer PS: wed am, i really called this one. will need to see how much water was on the ice prior to snow. check it out thurs. might sublimate a little on thru/fri/sat. most wind on fri/sat to get thru this stuff.

Just came in from being out

Just came in from being out on the ice on the Bay here in Thunder Bay.Rain over the weekend combined with cold temps. have made for a big smooth plate of ice out on the Bay.Plan on sailing Thurs. Tempetures are calling for lows of -18 C at night and highs of -4 right thru the weekend.Ice is still 30" +,could make for a great 4 + days of sailing.

If you are keen on sailing I

If you are keen on sailing I would suggest a drive up 35 heading north,Sturgeon ,Moose Lake and some others where in a lot better shape then any of the lakes I seen in or around the Twin Cities.

Blizzard coming!

I am in the Sandstone area now and we are under a blizzard watch for later Tues-Wed. Sturgeon and Moose Lake area is expecting a foot of snow and 30MPH winds. No way will it support iceboating this weekend. Tonka holds out hope as colder temps expected later in the week.
The Fat Lady seems to be warming up.