Tonka Bay, Lake Minnetonka, MN

A number of DNs, led by US 602, will attempt sailing on Tonka Bay, Lake Minnetonka MN today.

Detailed Ice Report, as well as launch site suggestions will be posted later in the day.

Think Ice

Tonka Tonka

We are loaded up and ready,Is the ice ok. Where is the best place to launch.
from Clear Lake Ia.

Tonka Bay Ice

I understand via JD that ice is good on Tonka Bay. Set up is near Tonka Bay Boatworks at a public beach. I assume it would be on the South side of bay. I am leaving now to check it out with a few others.

Mike Miller

Spring Park Bay

I'm not sure what side of Hwy. 19 you intend to sail, but the west side (the upper side connected to Spring Park Bay) still has holes steaming as of Saturday, 12/13 at 9:30 AM.